We do things on a whim sometimes. I can say it does keep things interesting. I’m talking about my wife and I. We decided to rent a small party bus in Toronto to travel around to the houses of our friends on a Saturday. We had no plans and just our cell phones with us. We connected to the stereo system on the bus with Bluetooth and played music on my phone. We would stop at a friend’s house, have the driver blow the horn and then wait. If the friend did not come out, we texted them. Pretty soon we had the bus filled with friends and no particular place to go. We decided to go see a movie. My uncle manages a theater, and he gave us free tickets to get into a movie if we all would buy something from the concession stand. It was a blast! No one else was in that showing except us, so we could talk and make comments about the movie.

The next place we went was a very big mall complex. We wandered around, had coffee, shopped for some things and acted like we were teens again. After we were done there, we had the driver take us to a park that had swings and other stuff in a playground. There was hardly anyone out on this particular Saturday. We do not know why. It was like we had Toronto and the surrounding areas to ourselves. We goofed off the whole day. My wife called her dad who owns a restaurant. He said we all could eat at half price if we stopped by. It would at least cover the cost of the food. We ate and left big tips for the waiters and waitresses. It was a Saturday we are always going to remember. It cost us a few bucks to rent the small party bus, but we just figured it was a gift for ourselves and our friends to have a good time. Sometimes a whim can yield fun results.