I love to travel and I’ve been hitting Europe pretty hard this year. From experiencing the warm spanish weather in the early spring, to the rainy climate of London during Olympics, now I’m ready to visit a new country in Europe. I figured I’ll use an old explorers trick for choosing a location. I spun a globe and place my finger on it randomly. The location where my finger landed would determine where I would take my next trip. This time, my finger landed on Bulgaria. I knew literally nothing about Bulgaria, so I used my trusty ally in the form of the Internet to give me some information.

A simple web search led me to a site that featured information about the mysterious country of Bulgaria. One of the first things I look up about a country before I go there is the food they have. I was in shock when I saw the types of Bulgarian cuisine that were available on this site. The food looked very hearty and had a homemade feel to it, as if it were made with love and care and fresh ingredients. Next I looked at some of the local culture in the form of sights and people. The people looked very friendly and festive, while the landmarks and local attractions seemed to be the perfect mix of modern and historic. I think I’m in love with Bulgaria.

After seeing information about Bulgaria, there is literally nothing I negative that I can say about it. The country looks beautiful in every aspect and looks to be a wonderful vacation destination. I’m going to book my tickets and hotel room now for a trip to Bulgaria that I will never forget. I wonder if the Bulgarian government will let me purchase a home in the area.