My husband and I decided to go to Niseko for a holiday. We were able to get a great rate on a cabin there, and my husband would be able to ski and snowboard to his heart’s content. I was planning on taking a half dozen books and spending some quality time in the hot tub that comes with the cabin. My husband surprised me though. He told me that he wanted to hire someone there to give me some Niseko snowboarding lessons. I think that might be the entire reason that he picked this place, knowing that someone would be able to help me.

I had never had an interest in learning how to do any of the sports that he does, but I had made mention in the past that snowboarding looked like it could be fun. It should not have surprised me that he wanted to do this for me, and it did excite me that we might actually get to do this together. He is quite athletic, so I knew that I would not be at his level with just one day of training, but I knew that he would come down to my level to help me with this too.

We made the arrangements for the cabin as well as the snowboard instructions. I was so thankful that he did not offer to teach me himself, because I don’t think I could have done it then. I wanted someone who does not know me, and would not be terribly amused by how awful I would be at first. The instructor that I had was amazing though, and he didn’t even laugh at me once. That is saying something, because I made a lot of mistakes. I also made a lot of headway though, and that is why my husband and I love to take winter holiday trips now.