Thistle Aberdeen Airport Hotel (Écosse) : voir 141 avis et 43 photosThis trip is off to a pretty poor start to be honest. My flight was delayed because of mechanical problems and I spent about four hours in New York City in the terminal of JFK. When I arrived in Aberdeen it was really raining like the devil and I was lucky that I had already taken care of the car rental at aberdeen airport. The people who had not planned ahead really got soaked. Still it was pretty tough for me to follow the directions my colleague gave me and I got lost looking for my first appointment. I stopped in at a pub and spoke to a few people and one of them got up and pointed out a window and down the cross street.

Fortunately for me the place I was looking for was about a hundred yards away on the opposite side of the street and about half way down the block. I was barely able to get there in time for my appointment and after a bit I sat down to wait. Pretty soon the same fellow who had given me directions came strolling in. He laughed and told me that I should have told him he was the person I wanted to see. The meeting actually went well and I got the contract I had come to negotiate. Then it was the same thing all over again at my next appointment, only I really got lost that time and I was really late. It was lucky for me that the other guy did not show up either. He had had a legitimate family crisis and was in a hospital instead. We worked it out and I got back to him, but I stopped using the directions that I had been given. They were totally useless.