I have never traveled abroad, and then suddenly found myself in Malaysia visiting with my future in-laws and staying in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. My wife to be set me up in a nice room to help me with the culture shock she expected me to have. She told me that I was not ready to endure staying with her family. That’s okay. I figured she was not ready to do that with mine either! The hotel I stayed at was really nice. It had all the features I was familiar with in hotels back home. I thought maybe the place would have one of those toilets like I have seen in pictures where you actually straddle on the floor to use. I would not know how to handle that. Just adapt I guess. You know, when in Rome . . .

My fiance was worried for nothing. There was nothing out of the ordinary visiting her native Malaysia. I even fit in just fine in her rural home. However, I was still worried how she was going to react to my strange family. We both grew up in rural areas and met each other where we worked at in the city. We both had apartments in the city, and we had left rural living behind. She stayed after graduating from school. She had not been to visit my parents yet as they lived across the country from where I was living on the east coast. I fit in with her family because I was used to farm living. They milked goats and I milked cows. Same thing, different animal.

I prefer the city living, and I enjoyed the hotel stay. They had familiar foods and all of the amenities I could ever think to enjoy. I liked the Power Shower. That was invigorating. I never used one of those before. The Malaysian waffles were good too. However, I was hesitant to try some more local delicacies, especially at my fiances parent’s house. Anyway, the trip was great. Now we are planning a trip out to Iowa for my fiance to meet my parents. This should be interesting.