I used www.cruisesdeals.co.uk to find the next trip that my husband and I will be going on. We have talked for years about going on a cruise, but he was concerned that his stomach would not be able to handle being on a ship. A guy that he works with thought the same thing, but he just got back from the cruise that he and his new wife had gone on for their honeymoon. Once my husband learned that this friend of his was alright on the ship, he told me to start looking into some cruises for us to consider.

This was the very first site that I found. I was able to search the site by different destinations and even different cruise lines. I was so happy that I was able to sort through things so easily once I found out how many options there are to consider when planning a cruise.

I took my time to find the one cruise line that has the best ratings given by travelers that have used them in recent months.