I wanted to look at Beaver Creek rentals but I was afraid to at the same time. My husband and I wanted to take our three children there for a skiing vacation. We are staying a week, and I knew that living out of a hotel for that long would drive us all bonkers. We needed a house where we could all have our own space but spend a lot of quality time together too. I just didn’t know if I would be able to find a house like that within our budget.

I had heard that there were some houses that would cost us nearly a hundred grand if we reserved it for a week. I did want a nice luxury house, but I just couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money. I don’t mind spending thousands on a family vacation, but I would rather have a smaller and more intimate house that doesn’t take up the entire budget. I was able to find that when I looked at the Cuvee site for the Colorado area. There were quite a few condos, houses, cabins and villas available in this area at great prices, and we ended up booking the Colorado Lodge for a week.

This luxury home has four bedrooms, and there are five bathrooms. Since the girls and I have been accused of hogging the bathrooms at home on more than one occasion, I knew that my husband and son would appreciate this aspect. It is also so close to the ski lift that it literally takes just a minute to walk to it. Since this was a skiing vacation, it really could not get any better than that for us. The home is gorgeous, and when we go back later this year, we are going to reserve it again.