My friends are always telling me that there isn’t anything to do in our city. They think we live in one of the most boring cities in the world. I’ve actually been to some cities that are quite boring, and they re nothing like ours. I set out to prove them wrong by arranging something special. I rented one of the party buses in Toronto to give them a tour of everything they had been ignoring in our city. After the end of our trip, there was no way they would ever think the city was boring.

I selected locations that I felt would best convey how fun our city was. I had been to these locations various times and seen and experienced many things that I really enjoyed. Our first stop was the hangout spot that a lot of people go to on the weekend. It’s a central area that has a lot of restaurants, a movie theater, and various shops. I had gone their many times with my friends, but they haven’t seen everything it has to offer. I showed my friends the street magician who does amazing tricks with the audience. They had never seen this magician before, and when they were selected from the audience for a trick, they were amazed.

After the magician, we went to one of the best pizza restaurants in the city. This restaurant is famous for having an oven that can cook a pizza in less than half a minute using extreme temperatures. Their specialty was a triple layer pizza that had my friends wanting more. After we ate, we went to the city’s mini fair. This fair has a few rides and games that are around all year long, but once a year they set up a roller coaster that spans the entire area.