Boasting more than 1 million inhabitants, Amsterdam is the bustling capital of the Netherlands. Due to the fact that it is not the center of government, Amsterdam has a relaxed laid-back feel to it that has attracted travelers from around the world. The city itself is full of beautiful architecture, and was built with a canal system that is reminiscent of the canal systems that exist in Venice. Every single year millions of tourist visits this beautiful and extremely safe city. Some decided to find Amsterdam holiday apartments at sites like so that while they are on holiday they can enjoy some of the comforts that they would enjoy at home.

The city of Amsterdam is divided into nine districts, each of them provides tourist with an ample supply of things to see and do while visiting this city. For example there are a wide range of museums offering different styles of art for tourist to see. There is for example a museum that is dedicated specifically to the life of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who kept a diary of her life while she was hiding with her family from the Nazis. There is also a museum that is dedicated to the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

Because it is a country that has always been religiously tolerant, the Netherlands has seen an influx of individuals professing different faiths from over the world. For that reason unlike some other countries in Europe, Amsterdam is full of churches and synagogues from individuals of many faiths. Some of these places of worship ranked among some of the most beautiful buildings on the face of the earth, and a visitor to Netherlands would be doing himself a disservice if they did not take at least some time to visit these wonderful specimens of architecture.